Why Siteground is best for easy WordPress Hosting

Written by: Roger

Picking a good hosting service for your website is crucial.

When you’re ready to show your website to the world its important that you pick a solid hosting service to handle your website so your story can be shown to the world wide web in the best and fastest way possible.
Some factors you want to look at when hosting are speedreliabilitysecurity and of course: Price.

Today I’m going to look at a web hosting service called Siteground. By no means is this going to be exhaustive, but I hope that it helps you in make a decision for a great hosting service.

Something that drew me to Siteground is their ease of use. Siteground proudly displays that they are ‘Crafted for easy website management’. Being somewhat new to the whole WordPress scene reading that definitely helped build up my confidence in them.

They proudly display that they serve over 2,000,000 domains. When starting out in web development that definetly means a lot. While this is nice and all, I want to really focus on where I think they really drop that line and hook you in: Price.

The value you get for any of their plans is hands down some of the best in the business. 


I am honestly going to start with price and expand on the features from there. What first caught my eye concerning Siteground compared to other hosting services is the balance that Siteground finds between price and value. They have 3 main plans which all offer you great features for what you pay. 

On their basic StartUp plan you get 1 website for $6.99/month, which is not bad at all. All of Siteground’s plans give you unmetered traffic, and free SSL, as well as free CDN through Cloudfare. Depending on your needs you can upgrade the SSL and the CDN for a small fee per website.

The plan I really like is the GrowBig plan and this plan I feel is the best bang for your buck. You get unlimited websites, with 20gb space. Currently I have about 6 websites on there and it is barely taking up 1.5gb, so depending on what you are doing and how large the sites you can go far with this plan.

Looking at other statistics on the GrowBig plan you can have ~25,000 visits a month. This is more than enough for just starting out. When you start to grow, you can easily upgrade to the GoGeek plan that gives you even more web space and visits monthly.

Another advantage you have with the higher two plans is back-up copies of your sites, which allows you to make back-up copies of your site so you can always jump back if something goes wrong. Yet another great feature is Siteground’s optimizer which allows faster caching and loading of images from the server, which translates to faster loading sites.

Talking about back-ups and security Siteground has some excellent security features which protect your site all the way down to the server level. All sites come with free SSL certificates and you can upgrade the SSL security easily for less than $10 a month.

Customer Service

The last selling point for me was Siteground’s customer service. Again, being somewhat new to WordPress, I didn’t know how certain features worked when it came to a WordPress hosting service.

Luckily, they make getting into contact pretty easy. I clicked the Sales Chat icon on the website and was immediately connected to someone who calmly explained to me any questions I had about Siteground. Even after I signed up and wanted to figure out how to do something I was able to contact them again and they for a second time excelled at customer service expertise and knowledge. Both of these times were at random times of the day and they still answered pretty quickly.

When it come down to it, Siteground’s combination of price and customer service is what really drew me in to signing up with Siteground.

I highly recommend Siteground to anyone who is looking at WordPress hosting or even just web hosting in general. If you are interested in signing up for Siteground you can sign up here.

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