How to transform Visitors into Customers using 3 Effective CTA Phrases

Written by: Roger

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You’ve written a great headline for Google Search, and people are coming to your site. But you noticed the bounce rate (those who visit the site but leave right after) is pretty high. So, no one is buying your product or signing up for anything.

What’s going on?

In my series of posts entitled Common Website Mistakes, you may have committed the 2nd error, No CTA.

What is a CTA? CTA stands for Call to Action. In other words, when your visitor reaches your page, you must prompt them to do something. Whether it’s sign up for a newsletter, purchase a product or schedule a meeting, upon entering your site, you need to give them a direction as to what they are to do next.

It is important to remember that a CTA is not just a phrase, but rather, a button on your site. This is important for a better conversion rate. You must hold back on trying to be creative in this space. A visitor is typically going to know to look for something to click. Like going on a journey, and looking for signs of going in the correct direction, so too must your CTA be familiar. Having said that make it your own. Make sure the CTA flows with your site concerning font, style, and colors. Above all, make clear that your CTA is a button

Having a good CTA is so important to your site it can’t be understated. I am going to give you 3 CTA phrases you can use to help transform your visitors into customers.

1. ‘Learn More’

This CTA phrase invites the viewer into a low-commitment way of checking out what you have to offer. This CTA should take the visitor to a section or page that explains what you are about and/or tells the features and benefits of your product.

This phrase typically works great in your header. You start with an informative line concerning your business/product that piques interest and curiosity in the viewer. Underneath this, a ‘Learn More’ button takes the visitor on a journey to another section, further explaining your business and hopefully ending with them becoming a customer.

Here Apple gives a taste (see what I did there?) of a feature of their new product which piques curiosity and underneath includes a ‘Learn More’ link

2. ‘Schedule/Book ________’

Another effective CTA to is to give them direction for the next step. For service-based business, like a gym or consulting business, this CTA works great. Typically, this will be a first step in finding out if you and the client are a good match. It is best that this is a free service you are offering within the scope you have previously laid out.

Using this allows the visitor to be able to get some more information in a face-to-face (well, screen-to-screen currently) setting. This can used in combination with ‘Learn More’. It is also a great way to be able to get more information about your potential client. Briefly explain what your business does and how it will benefit them. Then have a clear action step they should take next.

3. ‘Discover how ________’

Adding in words like ‘discover’ instead of the more common ‘find out’ lends a sense of curiosity to the viewer. You are not just saying in a casual way ‘hey find out what I can do for you’ but instead ‘discover how I can help your business explode’.

When potential clients see a bold claim like that (make sure you can back it up though!) their interest rises and you now have their full attention. Make sure you can back your claim up and in the next section or page show them some results and then after giving some information for free, reel them in by giving them a clear action step to contact you and see how you can help them in this particular pain point.

A strong CTA is important for your website. A good CTA helps the customer know where they are to go and the action they are to take. One important aspect of a CTA is to make it real. Connect with your customer. Don’t just tell them what they are to do, but why they should do this particular action.

You must help the customer see the benefit you are providing them. If they don’t see that, they will not be attracted to your business.

As a bonus let me leave you with this. A great way to add a sense of urgency to your CTA is to add the word ‘now’ or ‘today’. This helps draw attention to the CTA by communicating that this action is important. They will benefit from your service by Learning More TODAY, by Booking NOW. Create interest, pique curiosity and communicate a sense of urgency.

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