Zenfolio vs WordPress: Which is the best website builder for photographers?

Written by: Roger

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Zenfolio Vs WordPress for Photographers

We recently looked at how Photographers have some choices specifically tailored to them when it comes to website builders. Today we are going to look at how Zenfolio and WordPress stack up to each other and the advantages and disadvantages of Zenfolio and WordPress.

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Zenfolio Homepage

Why Use Zenfolio?

Zenfolio is an appealing option and the photo management behind the scenes is top-notch. Zenfolio was specifically created for artists and photographers. Basic print-ordering and selling is well integrated, this makes setting up a shop a breeze. You can customize the look and feel of the website based on your needs. 

Cons of Zenfolio 

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If you want to make your website discoverable via search engines, you may not be able to get the needed results. Making use of Web Master Tools and keywords optimized text on the website pages, you may reach your limit of achieving your SEO results. SEO on the Zenfolio platform is quite hard to maintain because of the fundamental structure of the platform.

2. Shopping Cart and Checkout

The process can be complex and needs to be simplified for its users. Additionally, you may not want your customers to have access to cropping or paper choice. A photographer just needs a simple way of choosing prints of different sizes. Zenfolio has generic or portrait photos on some particular products. This is not ideal for a wildlife and nature photography site. 

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WordPress is still the king of CMS Platforms

WordPress Attractions 

Unlike Zenfolio, WordPress is a more open platform allowing for greater usability and customization. However, unlike Zenfolio, WordPress was not initially designed for use by photographers for galleries. WordPress is initially a blogging platform and it has evolved for developing and hosting all types of websites. The attraction is that WordPress is accessible and open which offers amazing freedom to personalize all elements of a site.

Since WordPress offers realistic blogging functionality. It also offers amazing opportunities for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It has lots of features for blogs such as email list sign-up forms and similar posts links under a blog post. The key feature of WordPress is the wide range of plug-ins available, which add specific features such as SEO helpers (Yoast) and integrated product sales (WooCommerce plugin).

The WordPress platform regularly receives automatic updates. Additionally, the update is not only to benefit the new usability but to address any security concerns which have been known since the previous release.

Therefore, with a basic platform that is always changing, you have to keep your plugin updated. Therefore, they work with the version of WordPress that you have. 

Zenfolio Pros Compared to WordPress

Now the question is whether it’s worth paying a photo website hosting company such as (SmugMug, Zenfolio and much more) for their service. What do you get for making use of a platform such as Zenfolio vs WordPress?

Fast Access: Optimized files by making use of a CDN for maximum page load times. This is built in whereas it depends on your server and plugins with WordPress

Web Hosting: All your files, HTML, web design, blog posts and images are stored on their server. With WordPress you have to select your own server host, template, and plugins.

Regular Updates: For bug fixes and security, as well as new features. Automatically rolled out and applied with no further action needed.

Photo Management: Organization of images in galleries and groups.

Localization: Multi-language and local-currency.

Integrated Sales: Making selling stress-free. No having to download a plugin.


A photographer needs more than just a website that has their pictures on the web, but a website that showcases their work, allows them to edit their content easily and also generates leads for business growth. WordPress is able to do all those and more including, and I would say more importantly, better SEO which, when implemented correctly, will help you rank better in Google and lead to more traffic which can then ultimately lead to more clients.

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